Personal Finance Courses

Uncover a range of engaging and personalized finance courses tailored to your distinct requirements. Experience interactivity and customization as you explore the world of finance. Upon successful completion, all courses provide participants with valuable certificates, acknowledging their accomplishment.

Additionally, certain courses go a step further by offering Continuing Education Units (CEUs), enabling you to enhance your professional growth and expertise.

Expand your knowledge and skillset in finance through these interactive courses and gain recognition for your dedication and commitment to ongoing learning!
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My Life My Choices™

An innovative platform that offers users the opportunity to experience the realm of financial independence through simulated scenarios. By allowing individuals to customize their budgets and prepare for various situations, this interactive tool provides a safe and enjoyable environment for gaining profound insights into the impact of personal values and priorities on one’s financial well-being.

Interactive Online Courses

pfc-1These dynamic courses offer both individual and classroom engagement, providing flexibility in learning approaches. Participants’ experiences vary as they interact with the material, tailoring their journey based on their responses, priorities, and comprehension of the subject matter. Whether pursued independently or as part of a group, these courses ensure an interactive and engaging learning experience that accommodates the diverse needs and perspectives of each participant.

  • Credit Voyage: A good credit score isn’t a destination. It’s a journey, and the Credit Voyage course guides you along your own path to a better credit rating.
  • Saving Success: This exciting and interactive online course will show you how to set financial goals, cut down on expenses, and plan for the future.

Academy Courses

Suitable for teenagers and adults alike, every course concludes with a valuable certificate of completion, acknowledging the participant’s accomplishment. Detailed information about each course can be found to discover additional specifics and benefits tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re a young learner or an adult seeking to expand your knowledge, these courses offer a diverse range of opportunities to acquire new skills and expertise. Embark on your learning journey and unlock a world of possibilities by exploring the individual course descriptions and discovering the unique advantages they provide.

  • Who Wants to Live like a Millionaire? Find out if you really have what it takes to live like a millionaire. Based upon the research, the course gives you a peak into the secret lifestyles of most millionaires to see how different you are from them.
  • Life After Debt: Debt-free Living Learn 7 steps to maintain a debt-free lifestyle, whether you’ve never been in consumer debt or just paid off your debts. This is a step-by-step guide to avoiding debt and achieving your goals like a pro.
  • Homebuyer Education: HUD-Approved This 6-hour, HUD-approved course provides tips, insight, and resources for potential homebuyers, from deciding to be a home to financing, from the search to the responsibilities of ownership.
  • Financial Essentials: Renter and Homeowner Prep This video-based course provides instruction on a range of financial topics, from budgeting and savings to credit-building, from debt elimination to homebuyer rights and protections.
  • A Credit to You: Credit Basics Basic but not obvious. This course helps you understand what you need to know about credit histories, credit reports, and credit scores. You’ll learn how to build your score from scratch and rebuild it too.

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