A GAME OF FINANCIAL CHOICE & CONSEQUENCE: My Life My Choices™ gives users an opportunity to simulate financial independence by allowing one to choose their budget and prepare for different scenarios. It is a safe and fun environment for anyone to get a deep understanding of how your personal values and priorities can affect your bill paying account balance.

This free and interactive budgeting activity starts with an activity to prioritize your monthly spending, including choices such as rent, groceries, brand name vs thrift store clothing, modes of transportation, generosity, dining out, video games, cell phone, entertainment, and more.

Then, the activity goes through day-by-day, real-life scenarios that might result in you having to spend additional money outside your budget, earn additional income or neither, based on your initial choices and priorities. Every participant has a unique experience. Fun, engaging, educational, and a free certificate of completion via email at the end.

This Program is available through our financial education component Money Fit. Their website will have a complete description of each course as well as video guides to get you started. All of this is provided for FREE.

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