My Life My Choices™ provides a virtual space where users can explore the intricacies of financial decision-making. By engaging in this interactive budgeting activity, you can test different strategies and evaluate the consequences of your choices. Whether you’re a student, young professional, or simply someone seeking to enhance their financial literacy, this platform offers a safe and exciting environment to develop crucial skills and knowledge.

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Introducing My Life My Choices™, an innovative platform that offers users the opportunity to experience the realm of financial independence through simulated scenarios. By allowing individuals to customize their budgets and prepare for various situations, this interactive tool provides an environment for gaining profound insights into the impact of personal values and priorities on one’s financial well-being.

mlmc1With My Life My Choices™, you can embark on a journey of budgeting that begins with the crucial task of prioritizing your monthly expenses. From determining the allocation for rent, groceries, and clothing choices between brand names and thrift stores, to contemplating transportation modes, generosity, dining out, video games, cell phone expenses, and entertainment, the decision-making process becomes immersive and enlightening.

As the activity progresses, you will encounter day-by-day, real-life scenarios that may necessitate spending additional funds beyond your predetermined budget. Depending on the initial choices and priorities you established, these scenarios may require you to seek additional income or navigate through the challenges without any extra earnings. Each participant’s experience is truly unique, tailored to their individual decisions and preferences.

Engaging and educational, My Life My Choices™ ensures a fun and informative experience for all participants. Upon completion, you will even receive a complimentary certificate via email, serving as a testament to your accomplishment in mastering the intricacies of financial decision-making. Join My Life My Choices™ today and embark on a journey towards understanding the profound impact of your choices on your daily finances.

This Program is available through our financial education component Money Fit. Their website will have a complete description of each course as well as video guides to get you started. All of this is provided for FREE.

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