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Use Our Online Debt Consolidation Calculation Tool on this page to See How Much You Could Save with Our Debt Consolidation Program.

Debt Consolidation Calculator

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Reduce your monthly payments up to 50% and pay off credit card debt faster without another loan

How it Works


Step 1.

Use our FREE Debt Consolidation Calculation Tool on this page to get your new consolidated monthly payment estimate.

lower interest rates and payments

Step 2.

Our preset terms with creditors can get you lower interest rates and payments.

distribute payments

Step 3.

Make just one simple monthly payment to us and we’ll distribute it to your creditors for you.

Use our Quick and Easy Online Tool to Find Out How Much You Can Save Right Now

Our Debt Consolidation Calculation Tool will give you a quick and easy monthly payment estimate based on your total debt balance. You can also choose to get a calculation based on the specific debts you have and their individual balances.

This tool can pull from the reported debts you have under your name. When completed, it will automatically give you an estimate of your savings on our program, and what your new monthly payment could be.

THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CHECK. The tool will simply pull your reported debts for the calculation. There is no credit check involved.

It’s fast, FREE, and there’s no obligation to use our program after you get your new estimated monthly payment.

Our Debt Consolidation Program can take your unsecured debts and consolidates them into one easy, lower monthly payment.

Benefits of Our Debt Consolation Program

  • Reduce your monthly payments up to 50%
  • Reduce interest rates up to 75%
  • Pay your debt off sooner
  • Stop late and over-limit fees
  • Stop the collections calls

Debt Reduction Services collects one monthly payment from you and disburses it to each of your creditors according to an agreed payment schedule. While enrolled in our Debt Consolidation Program, most creditors cease their collection efforts, reduce interest rates and report your account as current to the major credit bureaus.

For a more in-depth overview of this quote, you can live chat, call, or email with one of our Certified Credit Counselors.

We may be able to find further benefits and discounts through your creditors and get you additional savings and lower your monthly payment even further beyond this initial estimate.

Just a Few of the Creditors We Can Negotiate with On Your Behalf

Debt Reduction Services’s program is not a loan that replaces your existing debts with a new one. We’re here to act as your advocate and negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

About the Author

Eric has amassed extensive experience in the financial and credit counseling sector, dedicating numerous years to this industry. Presently, he serves as a certified credit counselor at Debt Reduction Services, leveraging his expertise to assist individuals in managing their debts effectively. Throughout his career, Eric has consistently exhibited his commitment to empowering consumers with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate their financial challenges.