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We can consolidate your credit card debt (and other forms of debt) into one simple monthly payment without a loan.

  • Reduce your monthly payments up to 50%
  • Reduce interest rates up to 75%
  • Learn about your debt relief options
  • Pay your debt off sooner
  • Stop late and over-limit fees
  • Stop the collections calls

debt relief in texas

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Debt Reduction Services BBB A+ ratingWe’re a nonprofit debt consolidation company, licensed in Texas.

We can help you end the stress of debt and escape the debt cycle for good.

Reduce your monthly payments up to 50% and pay off your debt faster.

We have already negotiated reduced interest rates with all major creditors and most regional and local lenders in order to assist you in repaying your debt sooner than you would be able to on your own. Often, we’re able to leverage our existing relationships to stop your late and over-limit fees, and even lower your required monthly payments.

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How it Works

talk to a debt counselor

Step 1.

Talk to one of our certified debt consolidation counselors.

lower interest rates and payments

Step 2.

Our preset terms with creditors can get you lower interest rates and payments.

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Step 3.

Make just one simple monthly payment to us and we’ll distribute it to your creditors for you.

Reviews and Success Stories

Texas Debt Consolidation

texas debt reliefCredit card debt is the most common type of debt in Texas. In fact, the average household has over $7,692 in credit card debt alone. Big cities in particular saw a large jump in credit card debt per capita in 2018, and although there hasn’t been another spike since then, many Texans have not been able to reduce their debt.

Natural disasters can be a major contributing factor to the high rate of debt in certain areas. Texas is ranked first in the nation for the different types of natural disasters and how often they occur. As it’s nearly impossible to predict what area might be affected by these frequent natural disasters and how much money to set aside, some Texans are feeling that strain on their finances.

On top of grappling with credit card debt and natural disasters, many residents of Texas struggle with their credit scores. Of the 29 million people who call Texas home, 28.5% have a subprime credit score or lower. This means their credit score is below 619. Having a low credit score can severely limit a person’s debt relief options. For many, it’s yet another hurdle standing in the way of living debt-free.

Fortunately, even those with poor credit have debt relief options. There are programs that require a good credit score, and there are others that don’t even take your credit score into account when you apply. The first step is deciding what method works best for you.